Reader submittal. Sweet Vincent, Triumph and Honda racebikes from the 2009 Sandia Vintage Races.

Darin Davis Writes in:

I took these photos at the 2009 Sandia Vintage Races. I did not get much info on the bikes. The Silver Vincent was out of Califirnia and the Guy thrashed it on the track. The old green triumph#207 belonged to Malcolm Dixon a good friend. He was 74 years old and still racing. Malcolm passed in 2010. He wasa member of British Motorcycle Owners Association in Houston Texas. Thanks Darin Davis

Great Stuff!  That Vincent is stunning.

Update: Fantastic Triumph Land Sped Racer

Update:  Just got a note from an ADV rider poster who wrote in.

Loadedagain of advrider here… I see you’ve got Tom Mellors silver bullet posted today. Just an FYI… He’s got a 1000cc engine in it now. it ran in 2010 as a 1000cc bike….Ii was at his place a couple weekends ago… the crazy dude is going for 200mph in 2011! My bet is he’ll make it.
Cheers, Colin

I bet he does too.  Thanks Colin!
I lifted this verbatim off of an ADV rider thread.  Just too cool

750MPS-PG class (750cc Modified Production pushrod, pump fuel [gas], partially streamlined — the front wheel must be visible for 180 degrees below the axle), 180.317mph

750MP-PG class (750cc Modified Production pushrod, pump fuel, with no bodywork, but with the rear fairing left on since it counts as being the seat), 159.905mph

Unbelievable numbers for a pushrod 750 on gasoline (remember Bonneville is a little over 4,300′ in elevation). Tom put a lot of people on the trailer with those numbers. Gorgeous bike!