Reader Ride. One BADA$$ Yamaha XT500 Vintage MX’er!

John From North Texas Writes in:

Not all Yamaha XT500’s are destined to become flat track racers or street trackers.

I race this bike with the local vintage MX club here in North Texas. http://www.tvrc.org

Damm John, that looks like a heluva good time! Thanks Much!

Reader Ride. Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro. A Stunning restoration From Our Old Friend Ted Guthrie.

Haven’t heard from Ted in a while so I thought he might be up to something… and sure enough… here’s his beautiful restoration on a Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro that he finished just in time for the Mid Ohio Vintage Days event. I have GOT to get up there one of these years dammit.


And here is the before pictures.  I mean holy smokes that a nice restoration.  Really well done there Ted.  thanks for sharing it.

Reader Ride. Very Nice DT175 Restoration.

 Mike Stratton Sends in this beauty of a restoration. I especially appreciate the “before and after” style of the pics. Very nice resto. When I was a younger (and lighter) lad I seriously lusted after one of these.

Mike writes:
Hey I stumbled across your site and really liked it! Thanks for your work on it! Here is my 1978 DT175E That I restored. Hopefully you will like it enough to put the pics on your site! (Bragging rights for me to my friends!) Anyway Thanks again.

My pleasure Mike. Brag away!

Suzuki DR650 reader ride..errr… well MY new (to me) ride…

Well there might be a trend towards enduro bikes for a while.  My recently acquired DR650 is cleaning up nicely and after some fun afternoon test rides playing in a few mud holes and such I now officially have the dualsport  bug… BAD!  This thing is a freaking blast!  It doesn’t hurt that I almost stole it when I bought it.  There was literally a moving van in the driveway when I got there so the negotiations nicely turned my way.   Even when all the mods are done I’ll be in it for under $3k.  Came with the IMS tank and a spare Corbin seat!

Here’s a few pics after her bath.  Still have some tweaking to do.  So far new 50/50 tires, new handlebars, new heavier rear spring and lot more ghoodies on the way including 520 chain/sprocket, front springs, brakes, wheel bearings etc etc..  along with all the necessary maintenance stuff that you have to do to a bike when you dont’t know anything about it’s “real” history.  Anywhay here’s how she sits at the moment but I think a switch to all white (with tasteful decals) my be in the offing.  Too soon to tell.