Honda CRF450 Supermoto by Scott Churchhill


Rider, welder and all around good guy Scott Churchill at Adam Motorsports Park

Photos by freelanceTHINK



    1. I know right. Sadly California doesn’t give these bikes license plates and the crf230L bikes that have plates are completely different motors from the crf250 and Crf450. Such is life.

  1. California’s BS standards get foisted on the rest of us too in many cases. It’s about the one case where I would almost wish for federal field preemption.

    If I see one more electrical cord with a label about how it’s “known by the State of california that lead causes cancer” I’m going to grumble about it quitely. If Cali was a bit more knowledgeable, or did any science it would know that the lead used to soften plastics is 1) trapped within the chemistry of the plastic, 2) even if it wasn’t the quantity is so infinitesimal that you could eat hundreds of pounds of electrical cords and still not get a thousandth of the lead necessary to do you harm.

    My cousin once had a car with superior blue silicon vacuum hoses, because the black hoses kept rotting out. The emissions guy would not pass the car until they were replaced with black ones. Never mind that there was no rule or regulation about this or that THE CAR ACTUALLY TESTED WELL BELOW THE PROSCRIBED LEVELS OF EVERY EMISSION.

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