1. Nice bike.
    I liked mine but unless you have a 36″ inseam it is mighty lofty.
    I am 6′-4″ with a 34″ inseam and had no trouble except when starting it.
    If it started first or second kick I was OK.
    If it didn’t feel like starting though…
    I love my magic start buttons now

  2. I have found memories of my 650R and 650L. Both suffered from being terribly tall. The R had great power and handling. I even rode it in the woods here in North Texas. It was surprisingly easy in the tight stuff. But, kickstarting and busting a radiator on a rock in a very slow section sucked. I Super Motarded it. It looked damn cool. However, the roads were never tight enough to justify it. A cheap Ninja 500 would have been more fun on the street. So I sold it.

    I bought a 650L next for the electric start and no radiator. I decked it out, rode it around town, in the woods here in N Texas, and hauled it up to N New Mexico rode many miles of goat trail and mountain dirt roads up there. It was well suited for the task. However, power was sluggish with the CV carb and it had a horrible oil leak at the sprocket shaft. The side case casting was F’d up and Honda wouldn’t fix it under warranty. I got pissed and sold it.

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