An excellent RX-K 135cc Yamaha Cafe from Malaysia.

I’m getting a real soft spot for the small cc customs and this is certainly no exception to that.  More proof that it does not take huge money and big cc to build a cool bike. Congratulations Amli. name is Amli from Malaysia..this is my weekend project..just completed 3 weeks ago..This bike originally is Yamaha RX-K with 135 cc..I decided to convert it to Cafe Racer..This is the end of the weekend project.







  1. You did an amazing job on your Yamaha Yamaha RX-K, Amli, it is an absolute jewel of a bike, congratulations to you and your skills. Too bad it isn’t for sale here in Ontario, Canada !

  2. Beautiful Amli. Where did you get that front wheel drum? I would be interested to know whay bike it originally came off? regards. david

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