6 comments on “In review… Some Random Hits..

  1. Always happy to see a big Z 😉 but I’d like to nominate a couple of ‘finds’. Needless to say they were both posted by me…

    Lawrence of Arabias Brough Superior and the Laverda SFS I saw on a London street. Both were unexpected delights and that’s why I sent them in.

    Great site, but could you fix the typo and excuse my own? Thanks!

  2. Great list.. plenty of 2strokes and a modified XT which looked as good as a factory effort. Nice.
    BUT.. where’s the really good stuff.. the really sorted Guzzis’.. one Kaffeemaschine [fit tho’ it clearly is..] does NOT a list make. New list please.
    All best wishes for the New Year for you and yours.

  3. Granted some of those are great looking/performing bikes, but I thought this was a “2-stroke site” No offense but why all the 4-strokes????

  4. No I wasn’t joking, but I now realize the “Motorcycle of the day” is the “other site”. The main page says bad ass 2-stroke motorcycles, I just thought that was for 2-stroke bikes only. Now reading between the lines I figure theres another site for all bikes…not just ringadingers! Oops, my bad

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