An “Ugly Motorbikes” Free Plug.

A decent take on an XS750..

To whom it may concern,

This 77′ Yamaha XS750 has received a full treatment makeover into UGLY Motor Bikes view of a cafe racer. The kick/electric start motor has had the top end rebuilt with custom engraved handcrafted velocity stacks and a custom 3-3 baffled exhaust. With these modification, the bike has an aggressive tuned exhaust note. The custom metal tail features a single offset tail/brake light, and a frenched start button. The seat, grips, and pegs are wrapped in Nigerian calf leather with a slightly aged look applied. To achieve the desired stance the front forks have been internally lowered 1 ½” and 1” in the triples. With this being the first Yamaha triple having built/worked on, they hold true to their rep of being a stubborn bike, but once they are tuned and massaged they are outstanding bikes. This XS750 has great smooth power and the riders smiles grows with every twist of the throttle. Continuing in UGLY’s style of minimalism and focus on design, this XS750 pulls it’s weight, and is a welcomed addition the UGLY Motor Bikes family.

The bike is currently on sale for a steal at

We hope you enjoy as much as did building this on of a kind Yamaha XS750.

Brady Young & Chris Bence
UGLY Motor Bikes


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