A Bonanza Hodaka 100 “back in the day”!

Excellent! Keep em coming folks. I promise I’ll kep it mixed up too.

Mark Madison sends in this cool old shot. I guess I’ll have to go digging through my moms old photo albums for some DT100 and Z50 shots of mine. I knew of a few of these Hodakas when I was a kid and yes they were fast as heck. May have been my first inkling about the performance of 2 strikes vs four strokes. Then I got the DT100 and that was it for me. Especially compared to all the similarly sized Hondas at the time.!

Me and my Bonanza Hodaka 100
Here’s a pic of my Bonanza around 1972. This was a pretty scary fast bike compared to my previous bike, a 1971 Honda CT70 3-speed. By the way, I sent the pictures of my Hodaka Super Rat you posted not long ago, you’ll be able to tell by the house.


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