Beautifully modified Yamaha RZ350

I have a stock version of this in my garage and I can tell you that there isn’t that much Yamaha left in this bike. I think it’s European. The name on the E-mail is Heiner Trapp who wrote:

Hello, one update and Streetlegal !


One comment

  1. These are fab bikes, even today 30 or so years later. Feather light, ample power [ except for theloonies.!] but not enough torque.
    I would just LOVE a standard YPVS with bikini fairing.. but where would a body find one today. Seems the ‘home tuners’ have ruined most of them. Sad really, but it has been a long time.
    To tell the truth, I’d like a standard bike BUT.. with wire spoke wheels. Lovely..

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