SRX-6 Another fantastic single… that more or less bombed in the US.

Today they are sort of cult bikes with a loyal following but they didn’t originally splash big enough to stick around in the US. Singles are my new thing though and I would love to find one in decent shape. It’s ironic that it has a GB500 behind it. Another bike with a similar fate.


  1. Hi Steve,

    The Yamaha is a gorgeous bike.. just look at that exhaust line and the back box.. soooo elegant.
    Could have come straight off a racer. Beautiful design work we simply don’t see today [at any level].
    I always wished the factory had offered the bike with wire wheels.. would have been a killer.!
    But there, right behind it sits [for me] the best of the Japanese singles.. and it has wire wheels and lovely polished rims [can’t be doing with the current fad for black rims.. yeuuuuugh!]. A Honda XBR 500 TT. Genius.
    I have tried one.. but I’m 6′ 4″ tall and they are only little things, so not very comfortable for me.
    Ergo, I’ll have to stick to full size Brit singles, built around big lads.

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