A Stunning “back yard” built XS 650 Tracker!

Sorry, I was told recently that I use the word “stunning” too much in my posts but I’m struggling to find a more appropriate word for this bike.  Andrew raises the bar for a back yard build to a new high. If I wasn’t such a 2 stroke junky I would be all over these XS 650’s. They’re possibly the best blank canvas in all of motorcycledom.

Just completed this one. Custom aluminum tank, custom triple clamps, 03 gsxr forks, rotors calipers and hot wing glass seat pad is custom master cylinder, custom made exhaust, barns style hubs, radian swing arm, stainless steel bars, LED tail light, Piaa eye ball lamps, custom rear brake hanger, sun rims, Buchanan spokes, Maxxis tires, Mikuni carbs, Braille batterie, Progressive shocks. Andrew Elia Solon Ohio 



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