1. I owned 4 Buells and loved them all. Lots of torque, fast enough to go straight to jail, handled great, comfortable to ride. Motorcycles are toys, and my Buells were fun to play with! I’m 56 and have ridden since I was 12, and ahve owned hundreds of motorcycle toys. Buells are great!

  2. I can only second that! I´ve swapped a Sportster for mine out of sheer curiosity and never looked back. Now I think I should have gone much earlier for a Buell but it was the look that always turned me off. Still don´t think that Buells are beauties but they grew on me.
    Took mine to the Alps last Mai and it handled fantastic!

  3. This WAS mine, back then.
    It was great fun. but, i had buffed and polished it (see stainless steel polished exhaust and polished air filter elbow) to such a high level, i was scared to take it out, and if i did, it had to be cleaned.
    so, on an impulse i put it up for sale…ans it was gone.

    i then picked up an orange Buell xb18x uly, kind of the anti cyclone.
    same awesome power with nothing to polish. and no i don’t tour on it, its got sportbike tires on, so its more of a huge, supermoto, and to date has 50000 klicks on, so , gets ridden, lots.

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