A cool DR 650 that’s done some morphing.

I’m posting these in part to try and get Al Blair to send me some more shots of this bike.  As a DR650 owner I’d really like to see more of this.

He wrote in:

Hi Steve,

Just got your post on the DR 650. I wasn’t aware you had one.
Thought I would send you a couple of photos of what I did to
mine years ago. It ‘s an awesome transformation from the big 21″ front
wheel and onto sticky super-moto tyres, your gonna love it !

I was gonna sell it recently , too many bikes accumulating AGAIN , although
after loving it for the past 10 years and having had so much fun with it I
decided on a makeover. Goin’ with a kinda flat track style and made a final
choice on the Yamaha tank which took me ages to decide on.
I made the stainless steel muffler 5 years ago when I did the SM thing. It’s
2″ internal bore straight through. What a racket !!! Gonna quieten that right down
this time. Getting past all that mullarky these days.
Shortened the forks by 3 inches recently ( not done yet in the picture ). What a
change that’s made to the geometry.
Just a seat/cowl unit to make and then a scrub down and paint.
Not going too far at all with the finish. It’s just a wee bit of fun this project.

I realize the photos are crap and wouldn’t want them posted anyway. Just wanted
to let you see it. It has a really low mileage and the bike came to me in Scotland
from Italy. I really like the engine. Actually fought for a while about whether to
go flat track or cafe racer single………maybe that will be its next embodiment.


Sorry Al but I’m posting them anyway! lol..


  1. from where did you get those motard wheels and what are the hub sizes i need please ..sorry to bother you but i want them badly

  2. Hi bro,
    how did you get that fuel tank on?
    Easy? What yamaha is it from?
    I`m going to buy brand new dr650 and build a street tracker from it:), I`d be very happy for some advise.
    Thank you

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