And the hits keep coming from China… Another one from 444 design.

Things are picking up over there…


I was fu…in proud when i found the pics of my silver Boxer-Bobber “El Diablo” on your homepage October 29th.

Pics and your comment were pretty cool.
“El Diablo” was my project No. 4
I gathered some pics of my 1st chinese custom bike “Black Widow”.
It is again a more “old scoolish” bike like “El Diablo” also. This bike was the very first which i customized and was finished in February 2009.
Following the philosophie: “A bikers work is never done” i added some more odd’s and end’s since then until i got to this final stage.
All overall i did the following modifications:
– frame sandblasted and rewelded
– Harley Footboards
– handmade handlebar
– imported frontlight
– FORD A taillight
– license plate moved to left
– custom turn indicators
– custom cockpit/gauges
– custom leather framebag
– custom exhaust
– imported carbs
– 16 inch rims
– tailor made spokes
– imported tyres
– handmade seat
– imported seatsprings
– handmade tailfender (was made out of a old plain fender with added sideskirts)
“Black Widow” ain’t one of those “Show and Shiny” rides but my daily driver which i use to get to the office almost each day.
She runs with a standard chinese 24hp Boxer Engine which is pretty reliable and already has several thousand kilometers on the clock.
With this bike i built up the first Chang in whole China running on 16inch rims which – in my opinion – gives better handling as well as a much better look than with those 19″ wheels usually used on the bikes.
Meanwhile i work on project No. 07 and No. 08.

If you are interested i will keep you updated.
Greetz from China!


Maybe you can mention my facebook account somewhere – actually i’m too stupid to set up a link.
My facebook alias is “Thomas Chang Jiang”

Thanks and heck Yeah I’m interested. Keep em coming!


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  1. Mmmm… I like it a lot, and it’s given me many ideas for my next project. This is a cool bike….proper cool.

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