1. OK, here’s a question for one of you vintage guys: In the 5th or 5th photo — “A stop at Bar le Duc” — how did they get the bike up on both the front and rear stand at the same time? Rock up onto either, but not both. Do they rock onto the back and then lift the front while someone swings the stand down?


  2. Bravo…A fantastic journey into history. It is interesting to see the difference in riding gear then as compared to today. How in the world we transformed from the heavy coat, gloves and goggles with riding hat to todays “Pirates and Power Rangers” atire… I will never know. Thank again ..

  3. When I clicked the button I was expecting another crossing 4000 meter Phlattyre pass in Absurdistan while dodging poison darts in a blinding snowstorm type commercial adventure, instead was rewarded with a trip on the time machine. Thank you.

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