Some really excellent reader submittals (with a cool car thrown in)…

I know I don’t do cars but this one fits the post..

Reader Jim Jenne sent in some shots of a stretched Hyabusa that he saw at an Italian sh… well here his original e-mail and post…

A week or so ago I went to the Wheels Of Italy show in Minneapolis..There was lots of cool Italian stuff there, but at the back of the lot sat this thing, I do not know what it is or who did it but thought it was very cool and thought I would send it in…Jim, Thanks for the great site!

Now this is a cool bike in it’s ow right but I answered that “There is a big cult following for these bikes and I generally don’t cover them on my blog very much as there are already a lot of folks who do. No offense but I’d LOVE to see more photos of the Italian bikes.”

I suspected that if Jim wasn’t too familiar about the Busa that he must know his really old Italian iron.. And he was kind enough to oblige!

Hey Steve…I will have some photos for you in a year or so…I just picked up a 250 Ducati Scrambler…

… I also just sold my 28 year project a 1957 Stanguellini 1100 Sports Racer, which I miss… my plan, to build a Café Racer that looks like the Stanguellini…should be a fun project!…I have been collecting ideas and plan to start soon…Jim

Wow that’s a nice car… you must have really wanted that scrambler!

Anyway then we struck gold..
Here are a few shots of Italian stuff from a trip to Monterey 2010…Jim

Great Stuff Jim! Thanks much and keep us posted on you Scrambler project!

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