My most viewed older post. What is it about this CB250 Cafe that you guy like so much?

I check my site stats every so often to see what the trends and such are and for a year or so now this is always THE bike that is the most viewed… and often by a comfortable margin. I suppose that there are some message boards out there that are linking all over it. Vincents, Broughs, Ducatis, Brittens… all fall behind to this admittedly cool little rocket ship that trumps them all! Well here she is again! Enjoy and thanks again for stopping by!



  1. Are you kidding? this bike is a beauty! I can’t imagine it NOT being the most viewed bike! I love this! Wish I had one…

  2. It might be because it’s the sort of bike many of us have built at some time, a mix and match hybrid often using what ever parts you have kicking around the shed ;>)
    The motor is a CB250RS and they weren’t mono shock so the frame is either modified or from something else, the speedo/headlamp is from an early CB Honda and the cast wheels look like RD Yamaha and the forks as well.

    It all works together very well, bit like the CB500 motor I put in a Norton feather bed frame (ducks to avoid incoming) with RD400 wheels and forks with a home made one-piece fibreglass tank/seat unit, OHHH BOY, did that upset some people!
    I’ll send some pics ;>)

  3. It is a gem. The proportions are all perfect and the tiny scale of it is fascinating. Like looking at a new born baby. Wonderful. Please post up more pictures of it when it is finished. I want to see the footpegs/controls and final drive details.

  4. Those little CBs are pretty cheap, and it seems like everyone has one just sitting somewhere in a barn or shed and dreams of taking it apart and doing something nice with it, especially since it’s probably far less expensive to do so than the more modern or “adult” bike they currently ride.

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