At the “split personality” Moto Guzzi Cafe.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the right camera angle in the cramped area of the display to convey just how stunning this bike was in the flesh.

We have a little of this..

and a little of that..

Long live Italy!

I just love the “inspection” window.


One comment

  1. Many years ago I first came across one of the first editions of this book at a friend’s place. I was fascinated by the detail, and the complete listings of everything that Moto Guzzi had ever made. It was all in Italian of course, but pictures are worth a thousand words and numbers are universal.
    Fast forward 20 years and I was stoked to get my hands on the latest copy, updated including 2007 models and all in English. Superb. Mario Colombo writes in a neutral style which focuses mainly on technical detail rather than politics behind the scenes. The chronological unfolding of the history of the company is well covered, right up to the turbulent ride the company is currently in.

    Highly recommended for Guzzi owners even if just for the technical detail.

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