A ride thru the suburbs of Mumbai on a Royal Enfield 500

Hat tip: Helmet Stories
Now this is just my opinion. But to all the vidoegraphers out there even though (in this case) I like AC/DC and this is extremely well produced, I’d almost always much rather hear the sounds of the ride. Especially a nice thumper like the Enfield.


  1. We were testing out the camera in its waterproof case and well there was very little sound that too only of me coughing in the helmet. Hence the AC/DC 🙂

    1. bokswagen not at all he didnt even come close. if he had hit you would have seen some action sequences in the video as well

  2. I second the sound of the motor over music, but so often the little cameras have such poor sound quality. It is very hard getting good sound, especially on a bike.

  3. Not bloody availabe in Germany that video because of friggin GEMA. They claim a copyright infringement for the music 😡

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