The latest masterpiece from Mule Motorcycles

Richard Pollock writes in:

Here’s a couple shots taken by David Edwards of our recent Café build. It’s called the Streetmaster “Brighton” Café Racer. Built by Mule Motorcycles for Streetmaster.


Thanks Richard. I’m a longtime fan of the Mule builds and this one really hits a nice chord for me. Just stunning. A deliciously perfect blend of old world style and updated modern parallel twin. That tank could have it’s own post…




  1. Front brake stay needs further development.

    Pipe wrap would look nice…and maybe disc brakes.

    Altogether not a bad first time effort.


  2. re. Little Giant’s comments above: If you really think that disc brakes would be an improvement, and that the brake stay needs more work, you would no doubt be happier with a new R1, etc. YOU MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT! Perhaps in the 6 months since your post, you’ve gotten better. Of course, I’d be interested in seeing photos of your efforts posted, as they will no doubt totally eclipse any of Mule’s poor attempts.
    “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all”
    Thumper, in “Bambi”

  3. Not sure about the rest of you but I too Little Giants comments above to be very tongue in cheek. At least it came off that way to me but who knows. Some folks DO have strange tastes.. 2 cents..

  4. OF COURSE it was a joke!!!
    My god, you people profess to loving Richards work but you totally overlook details like the
    “zzziiiinnnngggg” and the winky eye thingy ” ;o) ”

    If Big Pee Wee were here he’d straighten you guys out!

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