Reader Ride! 1979 CX500 Cafe Racer.

Don Shores sends in his latest:
Just finished the Cafe project, 1979 CX500, epoxy primer, 2 into one exhaust, a few billet pieces, equaled a fun winter project.

Had to clean up the garage a little, while they were out I took a picture of the “BOYS” all together Have a great evening, I check out your site daily and enjoy all of the different rides.
Thx Don

Nice bike and great stable. Thanks Don!


  1. Wow, with the exception of the 500 (or is it 750?) Interceptor I am looking at the history of my streetbike ownership.

    VFR800 Check
    Hawk Gt Check
    CX500 Check

    Switch the Interceptor with a 71 R5 and that’s me right there. Never all at once though.

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