Reader Ride. Beautiful Bultaco Restoration.

Jesus Buisan of Spain writes in:

After many months standing in the garage, today I started my Bultaco Sherpa T, and I felt like Steve McQueen in “On Any Sunday”, it was fun again feel the pull of the small two-stroke.
Greetings from Zaragoza, Spain.

That is an excellent build! Thank you for the photo’s. I’d love to own a nice Bultaco someday. They are growing on me a lot!



  1. Ooooh,I do loves me some Bultaco.
    I had me two of `em back when I rode trials.Never thought they`d be so collectible now.
    At the time they were clunky and heavy compared to the newer jap stuff people were riding.

    Now,i`d prolly pay triple what i paid for both of `em back then.Oh well.

    Thanks for the mammeries Steve.

    Good job on the resto Jesus.Well done sir.


  2. Boy, what a flood of memories this little beauty brings back. I can remember lying on my side under my Sherpa T in a river as if it was yesterday. Images of it sitting upside down with the spark plug removed as I drained the water from the upper cylinder appear as though I’d recently experienced them. What a magnificent specimen, thank you for sharing!

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