Yep! We definately have a new theme “Winter Riding”! I even created a new tag for it.

I remember when I was a kid living in Montreal I’d take out my DT100 in the middle of winter and just blast around on it.  Everyone thought I was nuts.  I guess times are a changing!

Bear Barinowski (what a great name by the way!) sends in another “chiller”!

Just wanted to let you know some of us fools do ride in the snow!


  1. There`s a “Slight” possibility that I “May” be able to contribute a few pics toward this newly tagged “Winter Riding” file Steve……..

    Leave it with me……..


    1. Loved it. Can’t you just hear the neighbors along the shoreline?”Thank God for the winter and cold weather, I was soooo sick of those God-damned noisey motorcycles. Hey honey what’s that sound from out on the lake? “.

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