A new beginning!

I’m probably going to migrate this later on but right now i don’t have the time or energy so we’ll ride this horse for a while..

Welcome to the replacement of my old “Mototcycle Picture Of The Day” blog that used to be  on blogger.  I had a disagreement with the Google “bots” and rather than tilt at windmills I decided to pack up and head over here to WordPress and start all over again.  It’s a different but it’s very well done and I  like what I get for the money.  things are going to be a little raw for a while so please bear with me while I work the bugs out.

A few notes about the move:

1)  Sorry but I am going to be very strict about copyright.  Either the content is collected by me from my camera or it is provided to me in the original format with express permission of the owner to post it on here.  No more freelancing with content collection.   My main reason for this is that with the addded costs of moving here I will eventually (and regretably) be putting up some very small and non-intrusive ads.  I can’t do that if there are any Terms of Service questions and I also don’t want to get sued for my hobby.    This upgrade is taking money (and considerable time) out of my life. However,  I do promise that anything extra will go back into this site.  Weather that’s hosting fees, a better camera, travel to shows to collect more material etc. etc. I won’t be making a living off of this.  I already have a day job that I like and believe me it has much better benefits!

2) I’m still working on it but it looks like the old site will not transfer very well over to this one (that is IF they unlock it for me which is still in question) so this is essentially a complete start-over.  Believe me I’m a LOT more angry about that than I can express on here.  Three years of work gone to the cloud is not something I’ll get over in a hurry.

3)   That said I’d like to rebuild as much of the old site as possible on here  but I’ll needto have all the permissions nailed down.  So!  If you’ve ever sent anything for me to post to the old site and would like to see it on here again  PLEASE go ahead and re-send it to me.  The new e-mail address is :  MCPOTD@gmail.com

Please include the original photo and please indicate that I have permission to re-post it on here.   I’m not sure how much to expect or how long it will take me to sort through it all but I will get to it.  So please be patient.

There’s lots more but this should get us started…  Like I said it’s going to be a little “raw” for a while but I’ll get it sorted soon enough.  Thanks as always for stopping by!


  1. If you bought the domain name, you should be able to move it to whatever ISP and DNS server you want, no? If not, that’s got to be a stupid WordPress thing, and I have not known the WP people to be quite so anti-freedom.

  2. Glad you’re off and running. Seems like you’ve gotten a good handle on WordPress already. Best of luck here and with 2 Stroke Biker Blog.

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