Sorry for the inconvenience. I blame Google. Continuous Update!

Well according to my site meter it started at 5 am and ended this morning when I logged in.  

2nd update:  Apparently I’m one of the lucky ones.  According to this some folks have lost their blogs completely and since they are legitimate businesses they have lost significant revenue for the holidays!  Poor bastards.

Update:  Well apparently it’s not anything major. After doing some searching I’ve found a few references to this and it’s not all that uncommon for google to pull this on people.  LOTS of speculation as to why but nothing concrete.

Here’s a link to another fellow who had a similar (but not identical) thing happen.  Damm frustrating and very freaking scary!  Now I get to go change all my passwords everywhere.  Oh Joy!  Thanks a lot google.

To those of you who have checked to see my page missing I don’t know what happened  I came in this morning and my G-mail account was disabled and I needed to re-verify all my passwords with a text message verification number.  I’m going to get after google to see what’s going on but for now if you get any e-mails form my address

please let me now if it was malicious.  I haven’t sent anything out to anyone since yesterday evening (12-22)

One comment

  1. Yes, your web didn’t work this morning (arround an hour ago). I hope you don’t have more problems with it because I visit it every day, and it’s one of the best blogs I have seen. Sorry for my english (I’m from Spain)

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