Reader Ride. Ducati Pantah 500.

Greg Writes in:
Ian Fallon wrote for the Ducati Museum –
Introduced as a 500 in 1979, the Pantah engine was designed and built by engineers Fabio Taglioni and Gian Luigi Mengoli. It formed the basis of the Ducati production/racing program for years to come. So advanced was the design that it was still in production throughout the 1980s … Pantah used a toothed belt camshaft drive instead of the earlier bevel-gears. Other important technical developments were the racing-inspired 60° included valve angle and the forged one-piece crankshaft. These features improved the bike’s reliability and made the design more suitable for competition.

I have owned this bike for three years and love it.  The camshafts on this motor makes it feel like it free revs and it wants to go past its 10,000rpm redline.  The suspension and frame work very well and will keep up with any of my friends larger displacement bikes in the twisties.  It is an easy bike to push  and control and I believe one of the more beautiful.  If you get a chance to ride one you will not be disappointed.  This was the first belt drive Ducati and the basis of every Ducati motor since.
Thanks for a great site.

Greg Rathe

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