Month: September 2010

What was the bike that "Lawerence of Arabia" owned?

A Brough Superior of course.

Thanks to an alert reader!

Hi there! Thanks for a brilliant site.

I was walking around the Imperial War Museum in London yesterday and came across Lawrence of Arabia’s SS100 Brough Superior. I’m not sure that it’s suitable for the site, but I thought you’d like it. Lawrence owned eight of these beauties and they were all called George!

Thanks again

Reader Ride Carry Over From The 2- Stroke Blog. Outrageous RZ350 Custom

Jeff Strom Sends in Some pics of his buddies bike (that I think I’ve seen before). And What a beauty it is.  Those pipes are pure porn..

He Writes in:

Love your blog, thought I would suggest a bike. I rode with
Mark (who built and owns this buzz bomb), with some triples,
about a month ago. This bike runs as sweet as it looks …
Also found right here …
… keep your bitch’n blog going, it’s a regular stop for me!
Jeff Storm
(aka: K_trip – with that green ’74 H2)

No Problem Jeff.  Thanks Much for the great shots!

By The Way. Thanks To everyone for the "Five Favorites" Feedback!

 Thanks To everyone for the “Five Favorites” Feedback!  I’m going to do a little digging into the bikes that folks submitted and comment on it later.  Maybe pull some of the interestng choices and see what I can come up with by way of images.  I think we’ll do something on a Five Favorite “anything goes” (as opposed to production bikes only) thread sometime next week so give it some thought and please stay tuned.

Not Motorcycle Related… But way cool.

Every once in a while I find something that is only loosely related to motorcycles (or often not at all) and I regret that I have nowhere to comment on it. I tried starting a blog based on that but I’ve got enough to do with the ones I have so it went stale.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to create a new category called “Not Motorcycle Related, But Way Cool” for that occasional item that is too cool to pass up. I promise I won’t wear it out and abuse the privilege by posting an endless stream of crap. My first example is something that “might” actually relate to smaller cc bikes. The Bamboo Framed Motorcycle. Now I’m no tree hugger (see my 2-stroke page) but I would love to have one of these. I could imagine a small moped would be very possible along these lines.   Here’s a link to a company that builds them:

Updated Comments: Shoutout to my readers! What’s on your five favorite production bikes of all time list?

A few observations,   RC30’s are more popular than I thought and I’m not alone in my love of old 2 strokes
Since I’ve started my five all time favorite production bikes series I figured I put out a request for what the readers like.  I’ll keep this post pinned to the top and copy and paste your choices as they come in one by one. Here is what I’d like to do, Either respond to this post in the comments section or E-mail me directly at

Give your name (full or first name only if that’s all you’re comfortable with) and your five bikes listed
1. Make, Model, and Year (color optional)
2. Make, Model, and Year (color optional)
3. Make, Model, and Year (color optional)
4. Make, Model, and Year (color optional)
5.  Make, Model, and Year (color optional)

Anything goes.  Old, new, dirt, street, sprotbike or cruiser. It’s your list.  I’ll go through my e-mail every evening and update the posts as they go along.  I’m interested to see if there are any consistent themes etc..

I have no idea how many (or few) of you want to get in on this so it may take off or it may just go flat.  We’ll see.
For the record so far my list has:
1. Ducati 916 Red
3. 1969/70 Kawasaki H1
4. Vincent Black Shadow / Black Lightning
5. Moto Guzzi V7 Sport (the original one not the modern one)

Honorable mentions:
Royan Enfield Interceptor
Ducati 750 Super Sport

OK Here We Go!

In no order:
2008 Kawasaki KSR110 (Black)
1976 Benelli 750 SEI (Red)
1995 Triumph Trident 900 (Black/Red)
2010 HRC Montesa 4RT
1977 Harley XLCR Cafe Racer

ihab elnaccash
1 Honda RC30 1988
2 Honda hawk GT grey 1988
3 Honda nr 750 1992
4 Honda rc45 1996
5 Honda cb 400f 1977

1.  1969 – Kawasaki Mach III – white
2.  1968 – Kawasaki A7 Avenger – Red
3.  1984 – Yamaha RZ-350 – Yellow
4.  1969 – Honda 750 – Green
5.  1968 – Suzuki X-6 Blue
I have owned bikes 2 and 4 in the past and wished I still owned them.  The Kawasaki A-7 I pu a little over 70,000 miles on.  The Honda 750 I put over a 100,000 miles on.   I still own the RZ-350 Yamaha.  The Mach III and the X-6 were owned by friends of mine but I rode them extensively.  I currently own a 1978 BMW R100/7, the RZ-350 Yamaha, an SP-500 Suzuki, and a KZ-400 Kawasaki.  In case you did not notice my first love is TWO STROKES.
( Steve D: I’m with ya Gary.  You guys already have me rethinking my choices a little bit.  I have my first 3 which are locks but the last two are getting tough.)Tony240Z
In chronological order:
1967 Egli-Vincent
1972 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport
1972 Benelli 750 Sei
1973 Laverda 750SF1
1973 Kawasaki Z750RS (Z2)

1988 Honda RC30 (the greatest road bike ever made)
1975 Yamaha TZ750 (the meanest)
1948 Vincent Black Shadow (the manliest)
1994 Ducati 916 (no explanation needed)
1978 Honda CBX1000 (for the sound alone)

Standhardt Fotografie
1) Troll Supertwin 2001 grey or yellow
2) Ducati supermono 1993 Red
3) Britten V1000 1995 Bleu/pink
4) Mv Agusta F4 1000S 2007 red/silver
5) Bimota Tesi 2D 2007 white/red
All bikes i truly love. There are much more, but this would be the list in my garage if i had the money…
I have much more special bikes i love, but don’t know if they are production bikes or just kits. Like
Ducati RAD 02 imola blue/silver
Vee Two Squalo Dark blue/white
NCR M16 Carbon unpainted
Kreidler Van Veen 50cc GP Orange/green
A nice custom Triton with Alu tank and low clip-ons

Mick — Difficult to pick just five  (SD:It sure is)
1971 Honda CB750 Gold
1977 Ducati 900 SS Silver
1978 Yamaha TT 500 Yellow
2004 Triumph Speed Triple Black
2005 Suzuki SV 1000 N Black

Christian S.
Honda RC30 all years
Honda Hawk GT all years
Yamaha RD350 all years
Ducati 900SS 1989-1998
Suzuki RGV500

Prosper de Bever
Harley Davidson XLCR
Ducati Monster
Egli Vincent
Brough Superior SS100
Moto Guzzi Le Mans I

YAMAHA OW02 R7 1999
DUCATI 888 1991

Garrick Anso
I no Particular order:
-Triumph Rocket III (due to shear power and excess)
-1920’s Indian Scout (pure nostalgia)
-Honda Goldwing (there is no better large touring bike)
-Vincent Black Knight (obscure and beautiful)
-Hinckley Triumph Bonneville’s (T-100, Scrambler, Thruxton, etc…)

78 Z1R turbo, for blinding acceleration (at the time)
all Z1’s of all years, the last best air cooled 4
79 CBX, for the balls to build it
any shovelhead
and I just can’t figure out the 5th one yet, so many bikes, so little time

Gerry Michaud
In no particular order
BSA Gold Star,
Bultaco Metralla,
Triumph Bonneville,
Ducati 916,
Vincent Black Shadow.

Tim Bell
1. Morini 3 1/2 Sport 1975
2. Ducati 350 Desmo 1975
3. Honda XR600 1985
4. MV Augusta 750S 1973
5. Laverda 750 SFC 1973

Five Favorite Production Motorcycles of all time Numver 5: Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. (ahem… the original one)

This one is more emotional than logical. It’s a big, long, heavy, moderately powered bike. But my oh my does it “speak” to me. The sound and the style… Yep that’s number five. But I’ll have more honorable mentions over the next few days and I’ll probably put together an “anything goes” list here in a few days or so (as opposed to production bikes only) so stay tuned.