4 comments on “Not Sold in the U.S….. So where the heck IS the new CB1100?

  1. Clearly HONDA has lost its way in America. This is the bike they should sell in America. Not some Hurley V-Twin clone or plastic Fury corporate Chooper. Nothing says badass like a Corporate Chopper….C’mon HONDA sell this bike in America. Look at Triumph…innovative and leading the way….!

  2. I would happily own one of those…..but not sold in the UK only. You yanks dont have the monopoly on crappy imports you know :o)
    On the Triumph note, you guys are lucky there cos it’s cheaper to buy a triumph in the States than it is here in the UK where the damn thing is made. There again your gas is 1/4 the price of ours. Boy, I feel sooooo lucky to be an Englishman.

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