Reader Ride. SL 350 Racebike.

Beautiful build! Thanks Joe!


One comment

  1. Steve,
    Really nice work on the 350. Very professional. One question – what can you tell me about the exhaust headers? The muffler looks like possibly an Akrapovic? But what I’m most curious about is the headers – not necessarily the heat wrap, but the actual headers. Are they the originals?
    I’m working on a nuts and bolts restoration of a 71 SL350, and picked up a pair if headers, but instead of the nice smooth round bend coming out of the engine, there is a more sharp bend at the top – like your headers – and a straight drop to the bottom of the frame – like your headers.
    Both of my other SL 350’s have the more rounded radius bend at the top of the headers. Are the headers on your bike the originals, or aftermarket?

    Matt Berens

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