Royal Enfield Interceptor. My Favorite British Classic.

Out of all the great British classics my favorite hands down doesn’t come from Norton or Triumph or even Brough or Vincent. It’s the Royal Enfield Interceptor. I’ve never ridden one but in the looks department its the cream of the crop for me. The perfect balance of chrome, posture and line. For more on the bike check out the Motorcycle article HERE


  1. I owned one for many years. They were great fun when set up right, but the clutch was weak for a bike with as much power as the Interceptor put out. The primary chain also had to be tensioned just so or it wouldn’t shift worth a darn. The front brake was fine….. once. Don’t try to stop hard two-up two times in a row; the heat fade was very noticeable. When everything was going good, though, they are a lot of fun to ride. The right side shifter had a little auxiliary lever that popped the bike into neutral which I always liked a lot (I had six extra-strength springs in the clutch to keep it from slipping, so any help that kept you from holding the clutch at stop lights was welcome). I live in the Midwest (in those days on a gravel road!), so I put gauze/oil air filters on the bike to keep from ruining the top end with gravel dust. The dinky tank would keep you from going very far at a time, though, and I can’t imagine that they run very well with the currently available gasolines. I used to buy Sunoco 105 and the Enfield liked that stuff very much indeed. Can you even get gas like that anymore?

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