Hey There little red riding …trike?

Custom trikes usually aren’t my thing but this picture from reader Christi Kapp has something about it. The builder had a sense of humor along with some serious fab skills. Thanks for the pics!

Christi writes:

This is a trike built by Art In Motion, LLC called “Flyin’ Trike” – it was inspired by the Little Red Rider Tricycle that many of us had as kids… the “bells” are actually Arlen Ness hand controls, the fringe is chrome leather… and we chromed the front fender too to match the little trike. We took this photo in the Badlands of South Dakota just after Sturgis last year.



  1. LOL… I hear ya. I was a bit conflicted on this one. Like I said it’s usually NOT my thing but… ehhh… I don’t know…. shrug.. guilty pleasure or something.

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