Honda CB-1 from Sam Simons.

Hi Steve,Since you have a very good appreciation for atypical bikes(some of them 4 strokers),I’ve sent youa picture of my 1990 CB1.

This bike was found in great mechanical, but _terrible_ _cosmetic_ condition (unusual combination,IMO).There was a very lengthy laundry list of parts and work performed to finish this bike. You may recallthat the little CB1 was available here only 2 years, and not well received. One major negative(IMO) was it’s very drab color scheme-blue and pewter silver. Comparing a pic of a stocker againstthe bike will tell you how/where the time was spent…..this bike is a piece of jewelry,heavy on the ‘glitz’.I’ll confess that _I didn’t do any of the work_,a very talented friend built/rebuilt it,and I was so impressedby it,that I bought it. (I did fab the handlebar risers later to accept a set of K&N bars).What a great little machine,but that constant sustained high road rpm wail did take me a while toget used to…… I later passed it on to another chum similarly impressed by it’s appearance.

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