concept bike

The Husqvarna Moab and Baja concept bikes.

These beauties have been making the rounds lately. I sense that Husky is taking these concepts very seriously as there has been two generations of the same concept. The MOAB and the BAJA. More at the links. All I know is that my DR650 should be getting nervous right about now. If the production model manages to hold these basic lines (and that’s never a sure thing. *cough* right Honda *cough*) then this may be a must own for me. Especially the more offroad inclined Baja.

Another cool air powered bike. This time three tanks!

Thanks to Tim Hillsamer for the link. Lots more here at TECHVEHI but it’s all in French.

I found a bit more info on it in english at the “car body design” site. Apparently the first one is set up to be a land speed bike. Cool!

“The Saline Airstream Concept is a speed record motorbike concept powered by a compressed air engine. It was created by five design students at the ISD of Valenciennes (France).”

A really interesting concept bike and engine system.

I’ve read quite a bit about the compressed air technology in cars lately and I just sort of figured it would be impractical in motorcycles.  And then I saw this (pulled this out of the Spam filter again grrr..) from an alert reader.  Really cool concept ESPECIALLY for short distance closed course racing.  I have a hunch that those are the areas where the alternate energy bikes and cars might get a realistic toehold.  I’ve even seen some wicked fast all electric Cart racing that a hard core cart racing friend of mine is looking into.

Anyway, thanks to Zach Stambaugh who sent this to me back on Dec 11 while we were in a bit of an alt energy phase on here.

I’ve been enjoying your blog for at least a year now. After the poll about electrics, I wondered what you thought of this:

In my opinion it goes down to whether the bike looks interesting. Is it original or fun? does it innovate a cool idea? If so put it up.

I think it meets the qualification of interesting.

Thanks Zach and be sure to check out the link to their site for more!  And yeas, that started out as a standard SCUBA tank.  I love it!  And if you don’t mind sitting through a 30 second ad there’s a really informative video on the design HERE I like the points they make about no end of life issues (like with batteries) and I imagine you could piggyback compressed air refill stations right next to a gas station without too much fuss. The only scary part is what would happen in a rupture in an accident. I’m sure smarte people than me have solutions to that though. I’ve always thought that electric is doomed by it’s own costs and physics but the simplicity of this CA tech seems really promising..