A Motard BSA Gold Star

No that’s not a typo….
Thanks to our regular contributor Chuck Lathe who writes in:

I’m attaching a couple of photos of a BSA Gold Star. I wrote the owners name down, but now I can’t remember which one is his name. Anyway, I asked and he said the bike weighs about 320 pounds. There are a couple of very small headlights and there is a tag and brake light under the seat so a lot of cops would say it’s street legal. (I’m guessing others might not.) Instead of a of a primary chain, he has a belt in there. The bike was on the road and sounds good and not at all obnoxious.

Keep up the good work.
Regards, Chuck Lathe

Mystery Solved!

Wow!  I mean holy freaking WOW!

Got this in my inbox.  Hey Rick I’m sure there will be requests for progress and/or build pics.  Please keep us posted!

Rick Booth

This bike started our a 1950/ ZB34/ BSA…all that’s left is the crank,barrel and trans, the rest I made except for the tires, rubber is hard to work with…it’s been in a few shows a usually gets attention wherever I show it ….later Rick Booth

A nice BSA Bantam from th UK.

Thanks to Ian Carter


Discovered your blog the other day and I thought I’d send you a picture that shows that not all riders and restorers of classic bikes go for power and brutal style. This guy was about to leave the Brighton Ace Day 2010 and head home to a destination unknown, and with his bulk on that bike, he probably wasn’t going to see the needle touch 45mph very often. Early ’50s BSA Bantam 125cc.

Ian Cater

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