KTM RC8… Sex on wheels.

Yeah yeah… I know it’s not for everybody but this thing gives me wood. If I had a 25 year old spine (and gonads) I’d buy one. Writeup and more pics HERE

UPDATE: The Sakurama Cafe. The nicest BMW Cafe Racer … EVER.

UPDATE: Thank you to Lawerence (an alert reader who left a comment) the Website relating to this bike can be found here:

For complete info on this amazing see this Adventure Rider Thread.

Another Reader submittal. One VERY unusual Ducati… er… Suzuki? It’s a DUZI!!

The note that came from our anonymous builder reads:

I built this in my spare time … called The Duzi .
Ducat 748 with Suzuki TL 1000 motor.

It’s a Duzi indeed! I’m speechless. They look made for each other.

Thank you sir for sharing such fantastic motorcycles!