Update to an old project submittal.

Rob Loake recently wrote in with this update:

Hi, you may or probably not remember this! 1971 H1a 500 which I decided to flat track about 18 months ago….well its coming together now, Flanged ally rims with stainless spokes mated to Harley (Yes..Harley!) hubs with Harley type discs and twin pot calipers, Yamaha front end, top yoke milled flat to take fat bar conversion, Italian rearsets, Higgspeed pipes, 34mm mikunis, Dunlop k180’s, piggy back shocks and the tail off an early XR Harley.. just wait till its lime green!!…..

20150731_124412 20150731_150212 20150731_124452 20150731_124429t like i

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