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  1. Wow! Dirt drags turned into a highly specialized sport. It still looks like fun.
    In the Midwest during the late 60s and 70s there were unsanctioned field meets put on by various motorcycle clubs and gangs both Black and White . The field meet was usually at some donated farm with booze allowed. A typical meet would have the usual two up games, slow race and obstacle course etc letting everyone get in on the fun action . The most anticipated events besides the drinking were the trick riding and dirt drags.
    Dirt drags were broken into displacement, two or three classes. Anyone could enter any motorcycle so the mix would be drinking locals on their street bikes against Dirt Drag circuit riders on HD Sportsters, Hogs, Triumphs, BSA and occasional hill climb Bikes all using chains or bolts in the rear tire. The small bike drags were run what you brung or rode to the meet, often street bikes with knobbies Courses were around 200′ or so with group starts, multiple heats if needed and very very dusty.
    Trick riding events also drew a mixed lot from serious trick riders with multiple pegged Harleys for moving around a lot on the bike, wheelie mavens and street riders doing their favorite tricks like the “drunken cockroach” etc. Lots of spills ! Some of the best trick riders were from the Black clubs where trick riding on bejeweled HD Hogs was a art form. The trophies were huge!
    What could go wrong?
    I for one miss the unsanctioned Field meet.

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