Month: June 2015

A Dream 50 R as a cafe racer from the heartland!

Doug Nassif
Bismarck, ND

Dream 50 R as a cafe racer

DSC02820 DSC02827

1968 Aermacchi M68. Another Outstanding bike from Ted Guthrie!

Nice to see long time contributor Ted Guthrie still at it!   I checked and sure enough, he’s sent in so much stuff over the years that he has his own tag,   Thanks Again Ted!  Beautiful!

Just finishing up this 1968 Aermacchi M68.  All original except for recovered seat and aftermarket grips (which don’t fit right).  Even wearing the original tires.  Those with sharp eyes however will note the intermediate chain guard (between main guard and engine case) is missing.  Original lost.  eBay replacement on the way.Aermacchi 4 M65 1 M65 2 Aermacchi 1 Aermacchi 2 Aermacchi 3

THE Gary Nixon Special from Donzilla at Metro Racing.

I saw Gary Nixon towards the end of his racing days, at Daytona going against a field that included Jay Springsteen.  It was one of the Triumph Bonneville Cup Challenge races and I cursed a little when Gary had to withdraw with ignition troubles.  Even at that stage in his semi-retired racing career lord was he fast.

From Don:

I know it’s been a while since I sent something in, so here’s my Nixon Tribute Street Tracker. NIxon was a personal friend that I miss dearly. I couldn’t think of a better way to honor him as to have something like this to ride around….Enjoy!!

Don “Donzzilla”  Miller
Metro Racing Inc.
3828 Quaker Lake Road
Brackney,PA 18812
Purveyors of Motorcycle History

Thanks Don and sorry for the delay (this arrived back in January), I’ve been off my game for quite a while now but I think I’m back in the saddle for the foreseeable future so please keep em coming..

1TrackmasterStudioL 1TrackmasterStudioR 1Nixon_Trackmaster

Wayne Gardner riding Steve Elliotts Race Replica and Freddy Spencer “special” at Mallory Park.

It’s anonymous reader contributions like this that are making me kick myself for staying out of my e-mail in-box and away from the blog for so long.  Sweet Jesus these are fantastic!

Wayne Gardner riding Steve Elliotts Race Replica. Bike was originally built in 1983 but then rebuilt many times by Steve over the last 29 years of ownership. Moriwaki 1105 Pistons, Moriwaki stepped liners. 31mm CR Smoothbore carbs. Hand bent Moriwaki pipe.
Moriwaki Kayaba forks and yokes
Moriwaki rearsets.
Works Performance shocks.
Harris braced Z1R frame.
Dymag wheels.
Lockheed brakes
Spondon discs.


Also Wayne Gardner riding my Freddie Spencer Replica on the same day.Honda CB 750F Bodywork. Hhand made 7020 Alloy frame.  Dymags , 1216 cc motor.  Yoshimura carbs etc etc.

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