Wayne Gardner riding Steve Elliotts Race Replica and Freddy Spencer “special” at Mallory Park.

It’s anonymous reader contributions like this that are making me kick myself for staying out of my e-mail in-box and away from the blog for so long.  Sweet Jesus these are fantastic!

Wayne Gardner riding Steve Elliotts Race Replica. Bike was originally built in 1983 but then rebuilt many times by Steve over the last 29 years of ownership. Moriwaki 1105 Pistons, Moriwaki stepped liners. 31mm CR Smoothbore carbs. Hand bent Moriwaki pipe.
Moriwaki Kayaba forks and yokes
Moriwaki rearsets.
Works Performance shocks.
Harris braced Z1R frame.
Dymag wheels.
Lockheed brakes
Spondon discs.


Also Wayne Gardner riding my Freddie Spencer Replica on the same day.Honda CB 750F Bodywork. Hhand made 7020 Alloy frame.  Dymags , 1216 cc motor.  Yoshimura carbs etc etc.

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