1. I remember a time when the 350’s were the bikes to have, and the most popular size when I used to live in England back in the mid-70’s. The king of the 350’s were, of course, the Yamaha RD 350. Man, there were fast…

  2. I sometimes think about how life could have been so different. Instead of getting one of these my first bike was a Montesa Impala Sport. Another example of an adolescent with an attitude taking that first big step down the road to perdition.

  3. That was my first bike. Followed by…
    72 CL 175
    76 CB 550 Super Sport
    84 Nighthawk S
    84 Ninja 900
    86 Yamaha Radian 600
    86 VFR 700
    94 VFR 750
    06 Harley Streetrod
    95 CB 750 Nighthawk (returning to my roots)

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