Lead Grey BMW Boxer


I couldn’t find any distinguishing markings on this bike. Does anyone know the model of this BMW?

Photos courtesy of FreelanceThink



  1. This is a bone stock R65LS. The unusual fairing was designed by Hans Muth, a noted designer in Germany. These bikes were light, extremely durable, very competent and a joy to ride.

    Have a good one ~

    Randy in snowy Montana

  2. Rick and Craig are correct- R65LS – the 65 designating 650cc. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_R65) And, as Randy and Doug note, designed by Hans Muth, designer of the Suzuki Katana of the same era, the R90S , the R100S, etc. The color is Silver not Lead Grey. My own was Henna Red. This one is missing the gloss black under belly line for the tank, which did a lot for the lines. Portland, OR.

  3. It is an R 65LS, slightly modified though: repainted without the black under belly line on the tank, with some pintriping added and the rear fender shortened. Was dubbed the German Katana.

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