Taking a few minutes to go through baklogged e-mail and saw this beauty!

Ron’s a regular contributor so I have to post this sweet sweet build of his before I get back to making little rocks out of big rocks.

My latest following the garage built orange Zephyr 1100 you posted earlier this year. Thought I would go for a different approach this time with a back breaking hard tail. The motor is from a 96 XLH1200, one of the ugliest bikes out there, but loved by some probably, so no offence intended. This was rebuilt with new gaskets etc and brass plating, then grafted into a goose neck hard tail. The rest is as you see it, pretty minimalist but functional and she pulls lovely. I was after a bike that wouldn’t look out of place next to a 50’s Chevy pick up. This is how a 50’s hot rod bike should look in my eyes. Hope you approve :o)

IMG_0196 - Copy




IMG_0197 - Copy


  1. Geez! I love this style of bike. ike a ‘wall of death’ indian scout. tryin’ to make my honda vt600 look like this.

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