A nice set from our old friend Robie Pruden from the Lemay Museum Vintage bike show.

Looks like it was a heck of a nice show! Thanks Much for the pics sir!

Yo Steve ,
Good to see ya back at it.
2nd year of the Lemay Museum Vintage bike show was twice as good ! It’s theme was billed as 100 yrs of BMWs but really Italians won this battle. Way more Ducs and Guzzis. British iron held there own but my god the parking lot show was just as good, especially when the RZ350 and RZ500 pulled in together. A few pics.
Robie Pruden

go left

just came to spectate

little duckling


vintage track time


  1. Steve Ginn we were grooovin on your brothers honda and my buddy has a XL that he wished he would brought to the show. Can’t wait till next year. Much nicer pictures than mine.

  2. BMW has only been making motorcycles for 90 years at the time of the show. They were not the first to have an opposed twin (Douglass was first and ABC was first to have an opposed twin across the frame

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