Looks like regular posting will resume in the next day or so.

First of all a sincere thank you to the many people who sent well wishes. The volume was significant enough to make it impracticable for me to send individual e-mail responses yet I was humbled at being reminded about the reach of this blog. The situation is far from resolved but has stabilized. Fortunately it does not involve any of my younger family. Our oldest matriarch is once again proving her very tough mettle and defying the odds.

It looks like I’ll be a single dad with my daughter for the foreseeable future as my RN wife has moved down to live with and care for her Grandmother. One of the true good ones my wife. So… I’ll be juggling a lot of assorted tasks solo for now which might make posting intermittent but I do SO look forward to sorting through the backlog of bikes that have been sent in. Even though I’m catching up, please DO keep them coming. The distractions are welcome and much appreciated.

Back soon,


  1. Well done Steve. Missed your stuff and hopefully the outcome will be the best for all. They can be tough times.

    Rod Taylor
    Tasmania, Australia

  2. Thanks for the update,Steve. Good on you and your wife. Not all folks are as responsible, caring as you are. It speaks well to both your characters.
    Doesn’t seem that your family is out of the woods just yet. But, you’ll be fine , I’m sure.
    You know, I always enjoyed checking in on your blog. Now, knowing a bit more about the character of the man in charge, makes it even better.
    May the days come easy, responsibilities pass with little stress.
    May you be reunited with your,caring,wife in short order.

  3. Hey, like we all said: Family first. Glad you are back and your family will continue to be in our prayers.

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