Interesting one of a kind Rotax powered, street legal, street/flat tracker, “Lineaweaver Special” from E-bay.

A cool tribute build called the “Lineaweaver Special” Lot’s more info on the E-Bay AD. NO!I am NOT affiliated with the sale! Sop please do NOT contact me about it. (It tends to happen when folks get lazy about reading the copy).


“Offered for sale is a one of a kind Lineaweaver Racing assembled Rotax powered flat-tracker. This bike was custom built as a tribute to Ricky Graham. Ricky was AMA Grand National Champion three times: in 1982, 1984 and 1993 earning him AMA Athlete of the year in 1993. The bike was assembled during the 1991-92 calendar year. Andy Mill, the world-renowned World Cup downhill skier and, commissioned the assembly of the bike and was the first owner. Andy put nearly all of the bike’s current miles on it, totaling less than an estimated 20 hours. Being a race-modeled bike, no odometer exists.

Mechanically the bike is in excellent shape. The 600cc Super Single Rotax engine is Wood prepped, possessing special pistons and cams for higher flow and more power. The dyno sheet included with the bike shows 80whp at just over 4000 revs. The engine sits on a custom Wood designed frame weighing no more than 15lbs with a wheelbase of 54.5 inches. The bike itself weighs in at 251 lbs wet. The carburetor is a 41mm flat side Keihin. The bike does not possess an electric start, as it was intended to be pushed by a race team, kick started in second. That said, an electric starter could be easily added in the future for those interested.”



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