And now for something completely different! The 1936 General Motors assembly line video!

With a big shout out to Travis Lawson of Iron Spade Cycles..  ( for posting this to his Facebook Page.  Really amazing.  The 1936 General Motors assembly plant promotional video.  I’d love to see something along these lines more motorcycle related (and I promise to do some looking around)  but this gets the idea across.  The assembly line sandcast engine work just blows my mind.  Honda tried this for a few months on their original 1969 CB750’s and soon abandoned it resulting in some VERY collectible first year “sandcast” unobtanium bikes.

What really gets me is that this was fully five years before the Pearl Harbor attack.  I wonder what the heck the Axis powers were ever thinking to challenge this sort of manufacturering might.



  1. Outstanding video on the little known subject of early 60’s Japanese motorcycle manufacturing. Unfortunately,very little information such as this (video) exists…..

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