Barton 750! The Silver Dream Racer!

Chris Alty sent in these pics of a bike and brand that I’m a little ashamed to say I know very little about. Especially considering my love of two strokes and old movies. He’s also getting a restoration business off the ground and included some nice links to more information. Check it out.

I have just had a look at you site and thought i would send you some pics of my Barton 750 projects, i hope to have one out in August and my site is
Regards Chris Alty

(and in a later e-mail)
Eric Buell bought the rights etc when Barton closed its doors, check out the film Silver Dream Racer as Barton Made the bike in the film, i hope to have one of mine on the track later this year.
Regards Chris

Here’s a nice clip from Silver Dream Racer to see the bike in action. Nice stuff actually. Especially for the times!

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  1. Believe it or not Eric Buell’s first bike was one of these which he built from the original molds. Unfortunatelly the F1 class in the US died that same year and he never managed to sell any although he did make one for himself.

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