1. Easily one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. Especially in traditional British black with gold pin-striping:

    But it’s hard to justify the price for a bike with only about 80 horsepower considering the competition. You can get a Ducati Panigale for about the same price. A bike that by comparison makes a 961 Norton seem like a boat anchor.

    On the other hand, folks pay even more money for Harleys that are cruder than the 961 in just about every way.

  2. By far one of the prettiest bikes available, and, if money was no object, it would be very high on the list alongside one of the newest Walz Hardcore machines. Sadly money is very much an object nowadays, but I have my winning lottery ticket in my back pocket so Norton here I come.
    I have seen one of these in the flesh and it’s every bit as well finished as it looks in the press, especially with a Davida open face helmet hanging off the bar.
    So all I need now is one of these and a pretty woman on the back seat and I’ll be a real man eh???
    Oh yeah, and a back seat……and some loud pipes.
    C’mon mr lottery god, do yar thang dude.

  3. Prettiest? Not with that misshapen battery box hanging in there. I’d rather invest in performance parts on a Bonneville or V7 classic.

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