3 comments on “Wow! Over 750,000 Pageviews!

  1. Now you just need to figure out how to make $1 off each page view. (And I’m not joking by the way)
    But I’m sure youre already waaaaaay down that track. Keep up the good work, you deserve it!

    • I’ve thought about monetizing the site a few times. I’ve looked into a several ways of doing it (other than with advertising which in my opinion can suck the life out of things) and I still prefer to just looking at it as a personal hobby. I’ve already had phases of melancholy where I wanted to put it away for a while but that was more from problems in my personal life than anything blog related. If the site were to become a “going financial concern” well… then it’d be a job to which I would have obligations other than pure pleasure. And I already have one of those working for an engineering firm. I’m not interested in taking something I enjoy so much and turning it into (more) work. At least not yet anyway.

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