1. I saw one that a spectator rode in at the vintage races a few weeks ago at Barber Motorsports. We were in a hurry so I didn’t stop to look too long but I believe it only one rear wheel but the front two had that same suspension.

  2. http://wesllcorp.com/

    Sad that they fit the typical quad-tard stereotype by showing it in the dirt with him wearing only sunglasses, but whatever.

    “Lighter, faster and safer…” is marketing lie, at least over rough terrain in the dirt but I can also see the advantages.

    I don’t see why, on the off-road version, they would try and use the super-skinny wheels and tires they show it with…keep the same flotation and lateral rigidity of a the original baloon quad tires and let them lean. The advantages would be big, although I’d hate to see it “lean” at the wrong time or wrong way off the face of a jump, or through a whoop train.

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